Hearts in Darkness

Hearts in Darkness - Keri Arthur Hearts in Darkness is book two in the Nikki & Michael series.
Keri Arthur is one of those authors you really can't get enough of no matter how many times you've read her books and no matter how many of her books you've read you always want more.
Hearts in Darkness continues with Nikki and Michael posing as newlyweds while they work on the same case to investigate a recent kidnapping. Of course from the get go things are already sparking between them. Nikki decides she doesn't want Michael to be without her and that she doesn't want to be without out him either but of course life is what happens when you're busy making plans. A surprise visit from Michael's past brings some competition for Nikki.
I couldn't help but enjoy all the feisty scenes between Michael and Nikki, their personalities together are delightfully entertaining.
I'd suggest reading the first book as this series follows through from one book to the next and important background details are pertinent to understanding each one that follows after the first.