Dragonfly Kisses (Tryst Island #2) by Sabrina York

Dragonfly Kisses - Sabrina York
Author: Sabrina York
TitleDragonfly Kisses
Series: Tryst Island
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 Dylan Deveney has no interest in a wild fling. He simply wants a quiet place where he can try to forget a painful past and, barring that, drink himself to death. But when he catches a glimpse of his exquisite neighbor—in the buff—his passion for life reignites.

Cassie French can’t resist Dylan’s allure. From his scruffy beard to his earring to his intriguing dragonfly tattoo, she’s crazy about him. And sex between them is scorching. Everything seems perfect…until a tragedy from Dylan’s past threatens to ruin everything.


Dragonfly Kisses was a really great book by Sabrina York, an absolutely touching read that will reach into your heart and squeeze.

Dylan Deveney is reeling from the death of his child and has given up trying to go on with life and simply decides to wallow in a bottle until vivacious Cassie French enters the picture and beings to breathe life into his dark broken world and gives him a reason to keep going.

I really enjoyed the personalities and conversations as well as Sabrina's ability to draw on some very real emotions to make the reader want to reach in and be a part of her characters lives and their journey through the story.

It is very sad and tragic how Dylan feels but luckily the depression doesn't consume or overwhelm the story. It comes off naturally and eases as the passion grows.

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