Halo: The Flood

Halo: The Flood - William C. Dietz Chief and Cortana's journey continues in this next installment in the Halo series, fans will recognize many familiar scenes that coincide with the game almost word for word scene for scene with some added details along the way.
I absolutely enjoyed this second novel as you get a deeper understanding of Chief's inner thoughts and feelings, his growing bond with Cortana and the evolvement of their relationship as well as getting to see what happens behind the scenes with the rest of the cast as some tend to forget that the world still continues to turn during their journey. Readers get to see who is involved and just how much is happening in the duration.

Fantastic action and detail all the way, the only gripe I have was how Dietz continually bounced around between referring to Chief as Masterchief, Spartan, John, 117, human, etc instead of just being specific to one label.
It would have been simpler to simply call him either Chief or Masterchief instead of all of the above within one sentence.
(Example: The human climbed the hill and Master chief took in the scene below. Chief reloaded his gun and the Spartan was ready.) It would have flowed better had Dietz stuck with one reference instead of all of them at any given time.
Once a reader gets into the book we already know who Chief is the rest is irrelevant.
However it doesn't take away from how great the story is so I still give it 5 stars and mad props. :)